Cheerios Protein Cereal - Protein Miracle or Hype?

Quest Nutrition Protein Bar Cookies and Cream

Every now and then you find a food product that truly makes your healthy life easy, and Quest Nutrition Bar Cookies and Cream has an absolute blowout winner with this new flavor.  Quest's mission in starting their company was to make protein bars that people would actually want to eat, and if you were to try just one flavor of their bars, this is the one.   Quest Cookies and Cream Protein Bar

I've been a big fan of some of the flavors of Quest Nutrition Bars for awhile and regularly recommend then to my weight loss coaching clients as a great way to get a significant amount of quality protein (whey and milk) into them without the high sugar and soy of many protein bars when they're on the go, need a satiating snack around a workout or simply to fight a junk food craving.

Previously my personal faves of Quest Protein Bars were Vanilla Almond Crunch, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Banana

Nut, but they now take a back seat to the Quest Cookies and Cream Protein Bar.  The packaging hints of the real Oreo deal we've all grown up with between the blue background and close-up of the bar's cookie crumbles, and the taste delivers on the packaging promise.  Your taste buds will believe you're eating Oreos or maybe Cookies and Cream ice cream, but your waistline will appreciate the protein and 3 grams of net carbs.

Each of my weight loss coaching clients has given these their vote of "awesome" and I add mine as well.  While these should be worked in as part of an overall balanced, healthy diet, you can't go wrong having such a delicious, protein-filled snack  on-hand to support your healthy weight loss efforts and help you maintain that healthy lifestyle long after you've hit your goal. 

As a Weight Loss Coach, this is a classic example of my weight loss and weight maintenance philosophy of never depriving yourself of the foods you love--just find ways to do them better!

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