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Think you're accurate about the number of calories you're burning every single day?  Sure you may know approximately how many calories in general someone burns walking or cycling.  But what about what YOU personally burn for that activity based on your own individual effort and metabolism? 

And what about all the calories you're burning (or not burning), throughout the day?  How do you count the number of calories burned walking around a giant big box retailer like Costco for awhile?  What about chasing after your kid or pet?  Activities like those also are burning calories, but are tough to quantify. Bodybugg 

For example, I've been helping my Mom pack up to move to a new place.  On those days I haven't been doing an official workout, but I know I'm working really, really hard.  Yet what was I burning calorie-wise?

Well if you have a bodybugg® (now known as BodyMedia) like I've owned for the last four+ years, you know!

You've seen it on The Biggest Loser, and inevitably, every Zumba® Fitness class that I teach has someone asking me the question "what's the black thing on your arm?"  It's a bodybugg--an incredible health and fitness tool that is your must-have, secret weapon weight loss and weight maintenance. 

I was intrigued with it because while you may know that a particular exercise activity burns a certain number of calories, the bodybugg learns your personal calories burn for the activity--which can vary significantly from a "standard" calorie burning activity due to factors such as metabolism, individual effort and fitness level.  And also ANY movement is tracked by bodybugg.

So if you know your true calories burned for everything you do (or don't do every day)?  How does it help with weight loss and weight maintenance?

To lose a pound, you need to burn 3,500 calories.  So if you had a bodybugg and it told you that you burned 2400 calories in a day, if you had that calorie burn every day and ate 1,900 calories, you would have a deficit of 500 calories a day, times 7 days would equal the 3,500 calories needed to burn that pound.  If you were trying to maintain weight, you'd go for an equal intake of calories and calories burned.  And the online program that lets you enter your food consumed everyday makes it wasy to see exactly what you deficit is each day while attempting to lose weight.

It's also very helpful to see how many calories you're burning, because you may be surprised to find on a given day that you're a lot more sloth than triathelete, and can then adjust your food, movement or both accordingly.

See why bodybugg is your weight loss secret weapon?  To put bodybugg to work for you in your weight loss or weight maintenance program, CLICK HERE.

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