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November 4, 2011

Bodybugg®: Weight Loss Secret Weapon

Think you're accurate about the number of calories you're burning every single day?  Sure you may know approximately how many calories in general someone burns walking or cycling.  But what about what YOU personally burn for that activity based on your own individual effort and metabolism? 

And what about all the calories you're burning (or not burning), throughout the day?  How do you count the number of calories burned walking around a giant big box retailer like Costco for awhile?  What about chasing after your kid or pet?  Activities like those also are burning calories, but are tough to quantify. Bodybugg 

For example, I've been helping my Mom pack up to move to a new place.  On those days I haven't been doing an official workout, but I know I'm working really, really hard.  Yet what was I burning calorie-wise?

Well if you have a bodybugg® (now known as BodyMedia) like I've owned for the last four+ years, you know!

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