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Fitness Tips: How Not To Be Annoying When Working Out With Weights

My prior post Fitness Tips: How Not To Be Annoying In Gym Class was very popular, so after some recent experiences in the weight room for the umpteenth time, I figured it was time for this sequel--Fitness Tips: How Not To be Annoying When Working Out With Weights.

1.  There's No Need To Let The Entire Gym Know You Are Lifting A Weight   

Sorry, but this one's definitely a guy thing.  We know you're lifting weights.  In fact, the whole gym is well Weight rackaware that you're lifting weights.  We know you're lifting a dumbbell, but there's no need to be one.  Keep it to yourself.  The grunting and groaning is SO unnecessary.  Do you ever hear a woman make that much noise lifting weights?  We know you exist, and we'd prefer you existed much more quietly.

2.  It's Really Not Nice To Leave A Giant Sweat Spot On The Weight Bench When You Leave It

How many times have you finally spied a weight bench after a long wait (pun intended), and when you triumphantly went to rush over to capture it, found a big messy blob of sweat on the bench?  Eeww, right?  Obviously the person who used the bench before that person didn't leave it that way, or they wouldn't have used it.  So what could someone possibly be thinking about when leaving the bench in that condition?  "I hope they didn't see me?"  "I'm leaving my sweat for posterity?" 

Here's a memo for you.  The gym requires you to bring a towel--use it!  And those little paper towel stations with disinfectant spray are not a decoration either!

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