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Update: 2/12: I'm now an official Zumba Instructor, just completed training with master instructor Jani Roberts!

Recently I noticed a new class member in a couple of my Zumba(R) classes.  Great, the moreObjection lady   
the merrier.  The class member was obviously overweight, but so what?  I gave her mental kudos for making the effort to start doing some regular exercise. 

The Zumba class member must not have a babysitter, because I've seen a little boy on the sidelines each class, and a little girl at times.  That's not so much a problem in my book--when the kids stay on the sidelines that is--but here's what is.  Each class, these children are sitting with a big bag of chips and a bottle of soda.  And the kids are cute, but quite overweight.  Hmm, I wonder how they got that way?

The parent is overweight.  The children are overweight.

The parent is working out to try and improve.  The children are inactive, eating and drinking fattening junk and going downhill.

I watch the parent and these little kids and wonder why if the parent is taking Zumba classes to lose weight and get fit, why sabotage the children?  I was just itching to take away the junk, but it wasn't really my place.  What's wrong with this Zumba class scene?

How about giving the kids some fruit and water?  Or at least a less damaging snack choice at least like Pirate Booty which all kids love if given the chance to try it?  Better yet, why not let the kids dance around a little on the sidelines  and get some exercise too?  The Zumba instructor won't mind and the children might lose some weight along with the parent. 

Healthy parent, healthy children.  What a concept!

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