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Update 7/11:  Well apparently my local Super Target is once again the Extra Dessert Delights testing ground as yesterday my husband and I spied a new brown gum package in the product line which is for Apple Pie flavored gum.  This one does live up to the expectation and tastes surprisingly realistic.  First you get a burst of apple, then that classic pie crust flavor kicks in, and then the cinnamon you'd expect.  Apple Pie for just 5 calories--good job!  Imagine the calories you can save at Thanksgiving!

Update 5/11: I recently came across a new flavor of Wrigley Extra Dessert Delights gum at Super Target that was Creamsicle, so more new flavors are on the way.  Regrettably though, my husband and I had to give Creamsicle the thumbs down.  It lost it's taste fast and had a nasty aftertaste after that. Hopefully other new flavors will be like the awesome ones that first came out.

Wrigley Extra Dessert Delights Gum as a healthy food?  I know you're all probably reading that title and are saying "gum?  Give us a break."

I wasn't chewing much gun myself--only when I was flying someplace--up until about a year ago.  And then I started chewing it daily.  What got me into this habit?  Watching The Biggest Loser.

It was during one of those annoyingly obvious product placement segments during the show.  If you watch The Biggest Loser, you know these spots.  Trainers Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels will "stumble upon" a contestant in the kitchen, and start talking about a healthy food that low and behold just happens to be handy, and just happens to be one whose brand name they say over and over.  Wouldn't you just love to see the outtakes where a contestant tastes the food item and says "Gee Bob, that tastes like crap!"  Not going to happen of course.  Dessert

Well, I hate to admit it, but the one for Extra Gum actually worked on me because the suggestion to chew on sugarless gum when you were looking for something to eat either as a treat or because you're  stressed, instead of something with a lot more calories, made sense.  Plus, in theory, this brand of gum supposedly had flavor that lasted longer so you might actually want to chew it for awhile.  So I gave it a try, and yes I quickly became hooked on it, and statred eagerly trying all their different flavors.  My favorites were the Tropical, Watermelon and Berry Smoothie.

Then a few weeks ago when I was traveling with my husband in Chicagoland, I was in a store looking for a pack of gum and I noticed spots for the Extra gum brand were mostly empty, but I could swear one said "chocolate chip." 

A few days later when I caught up on the premiere episode of The Biggest Loser Season 10, as I was skipping through the commercials on playback (yes I'm every advertiser's worst nightmare which is why we get so many product placements instead), I noticed a colorful image of an Extra gum pack whooshing by that looked different, so I actually backed up and checked out the commercial (see Wrigley, that time the ad worked).

Could it be true?  Dessert-like gum flavors?

I'm actually more of a salty-crunchy snacker so it wasn't like they had Doritos gum (I eat Baked Doritos if I do by the way), so I didn't really care that the world now had Key Lime Pie Extra Dessert Delights gum or Strawberry Shortcake gum, as neither were real desserts I'd eat.  But I'm always looking for ice cream flavor substitutes, so when I discovered there was mint chocolate chip Extra dessert Delights gum, that was a big deal.  Sure I usually have Weight Watchers Mint Chocolate Chip cups, or Skinny Cow White Mint Truffle pops as a full-fat ice cream substitute, but if you could have 5 calorie Mint Chocolate Chip, that would truly be astonishing news.

Knowing about the new gum flavor, and finding it though, were two different things.  Fortunately, I stumbled upon the Mint Chocolate Chip Extra Dessert Delights gum at a convenience store in my travels--even had to pay up much more than usual for it, but it was now in-hand.

I have to say I wasn't disappointed at all.  The gum is a bit looser in texture than the typical Extra gum flavors--maybe it's the chocolate?  But the taste rings true and lasts for quite a bit, although I think less than some of the more powerful Extra gum flavors like Watermelon. And no matter what, I always remain concerned about the use of acesullfame potassium in any food, so I do limit my chewing of Extra Gum because it contains it (hey Wrigley's, is that really necessary).

Overall though, a very nice addition to my gum collection. Now if Wrigley's could just make pistachio nut ice cream flavored and Reese's peanut butter cup flavored Extra Dessert Delights and then my life will be complete!

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