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Yes I Do Mean To Be Walking

Today was the first day in months that the stifling heat and humidity finally eased up here while I'm visiting in Florida.  Plus, this past weekend, I had bought a brand new pair of walking Reeboks that were just begging to be laced up and tested out.  The urge was too irresistible, so I put my home office behind me and decided that yes, a walk was in order.

That's when the well-meaning family got in the way.   Walking

First, my lovable husband.  "I have to drop my parents off at the shopping center do you want a lift?"  No, thank you, I'm trying to take a walk.

"OK, but why are you going out of the back of the house instead of the front?"  Because it gets me outside 30 steps sooner, and I can't wait.

Outside.  Peace, finally, so I thought.  I am able to get a bit lost in my reflections as I take in the fresh air, and avoid a bunch of dragon flies that are trying to keep pace with me.  Suddenly a car

horn beeps and breaks the rhythm.  It's my husband and in-laws waving "hi" as they pass me on the way up to the store.  Great, you're being friendly, now get lost please, I'm walking.

It's a mile and a half to the shopping center which was my destination, so inevitably, my husband passes me again with the car after dropping off my in-laws, and gives me an "I love you" car horn beep this time.  Love you too babe, but the horn thing is getting old.

Fortunately, the peace returns.  I make the shopping center after avoiding overly-zealous Florida drivers while I'm crossing the major road that seem not to get the concept of "pedestrian crossing."  I stretched outside of Walmart, and then go in an buy a roll of scotch tape.  Mighty purchase, I know.  But it was never about the destination; it was about the journey.

Halfway back to my brother-in-law's, I noticed a silver car across the way pulling over and backing up.  My NYC native danger antenna goes up as I eye the car suspiciously.  Fortunately, I realize it's my other brother-in-law, and not a predator.  What does he want?

He wants to know if I need a ride back.

"No thank you, I mean to be walking."

My experience today pretty much sums up one of the fundamental problems with why Americans are gaining weight.  Everyone is riding, and those of us who are walking are too often a curiosity.  Time to make the riders the oddballs, instead of those who walk for exercise, don't you think?

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