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Yes I Do Mean To Be Walking

Today was the first day in months that the stifling heat and humidity finally eased up here while I'm visiting in Florida.  Plus, this past weekend, I had bought a brand new pair of walking Reeboks that were just begging to be laced up and tested out.  The urge was too irresistible, so I put my home office behind me and decided that yes, a walk was in order.

That's when the well-meaning family got in the way.   Walking

First, my lovable husband.  "I have to drop my parents off at the shopping center do you want a lift?"  No, thank you, I'm trying to take a walk.

"OK, but why are you going out of the back of the house instead of the front?"  Because it gets me outside 30 steps sooner, and I can't wait.

Outside.  Peace, finally, so I thought.  I am able to get a bit lost in my reflections as I take in the fresh air, and avoid a bunch of dragon flies that are trying to keep pace with me.  Suddenly a car

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