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Eating Out Healthy McDonald's Smoothies

Update: There's now Mango Pineapple to choose from as well. I thought a citrus based flavor was missing.  My new fave!

A new healthy smoothie recently appeared on the scene, and it's actually from none other than McDonald's--home of The Big Mac and famous fries. 

McDonald's smoothies are now available as part of its McCafe beverage line in two flavors--there's a  Mcdonalds smoothie   Strawberry Banana McDonald's smoothie and a Wild Berry McDonald's smoothie to choose from.  Both contain low fat yogurt and real fruit.

My tester and I gave them a go one 100 degree plus day in Vegas recently and overall our verdict was that the McDonald's smoothies are refreshing, fairly sweet and despite the fact that they are supposed to be different flavors, it is really hard to distinguish between the two.

The consistency and flavor most closely resembles the Berry Smoothie that Costco sells for about $.75 less a pop (not including the $50 per year membership).

Both McDonald's McCafe smoothies in the small 12 oz. size are 210 calories, half a gram of fat, 2 grams of protein and the Strawberry Banana flavors have 2 grams of fiber, while the Berry Smoothie has 3 grams.

At the current $2.29 price found in most markets, McDonald's smoothies are a bargain compared to traditional smoothie shop offerings such as my favorite Jamba Juice, and my favorite Starbucks Vivanno (which has more protein, fiber and they use milk that is free of hormones and you can't beat chocolate banana in my opinion). 

And you also can't beat the fact that a smoothie is now well within the reach of most people geographically, and economically.  It's a welcome addition to McDonald's efforts to have some healthy fast food choices on their menu, adn an easy way to make a healthy choice when you're on the go and may not have many choices around besides fast food.

Hopefully McDonald's customers can find the willpower to avoid a side of McDonald's fries!

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