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Eating Out Healthy Long John Silver's Freshside Grill

I know what you're thinking, Long John Silver's with all that deeply fried fish--how can that be eating out healthy?

Well, there is an undiscovered side to Long John Silver's that can keep you on track for eating healthy even at a fast food place.  It's called Long John Silver's Freshside Grill, and it offers three meals that are actually Boy w fish under 350 calories and nothing fried to be found.  My tester and I tried out the Grilled Pacific Salmon, and the Grilled Tilapia (also available is Shrimp Scampi).  There are premium versions of these dishes that include a bread stick and corn on the cob, but they are extra in price, and extra in calories.

Like most fast food menu items, the pictures of the food always look like there's more food, and look better than the actual food.  To look at the pictures of these Freshside Grill menu items, you'd think your plate would be stuffed with food, but the reality is that you get plates that are way less than full and certainly not anywhere near as attractive--at least at the Long John Silver's I visited here in Vegas.

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