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My Two Cents On The Cheerios FDA Warning

When I first heard the news about the Cheerios FDA warning because of Cheerios health claims, my first thought was--with everything the FDA could be doing--like lynching the criminal company who knowingly sold the salmonella peanuts--they're after Cheerios?

When you read through the hype, it's really not so much what they said, but how they said it, and the Warning whole issue the FDA has regarding "allowed" health claims.  Cheerios does have some scientific backing for certain health claims, but the FDA is supposedly concerned that people will think that Cheerios can be considered a drug to prevent and fight high cholesterol and heart disease. 

Now if someone has a serious issue with heart disease, they need medical supervision, and most likely, unless they make major lifestyle and dietary changes, they're going to need medicines and possibly surgery to correct what's going on.  But here's another thought.  I'm not so sure the whole eat Cheerios, or any whole grain cereal, or other whole grains, or fish, or nuts, or fruit and vegetables, etc., is necessarily such a bad prescription to prevent and fight heart disease and other major diseases. 

Better to munch on Cheerios (or another healthy food) today, than to pop a pill tomorrow if you can avoid it.  But then again, big pharma would prefer that you do the reverse.  Maybe they're even behind the Cheerios warning and there's a conspiracy at hand (I must be watching too much 24).

Oh, oh here comes my FDA warning :)

There's no disputing the fact that a healthy diet and active lifestyle, can have a major impact on one's health.  Can it overcome heredity?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Can it put you in the best possible position to live your healthiest possible life?  I think yes.  In fact, I'm counting on it, because I've been personally dealt a genetic hand that doesn't hold a bright future, so I do what I can to control what I can, and eat healthy and work out regularly.

Cheerios are not perfect (they could use more fiber in my opinion), but they make a solid quick meal with organic fat-free milk, as part of your own healthy trail mix concoction, and an easily portable snack that will keep you away from the really bad stuff, and never do to your waistline or heart what many crunchy snacks of a more evil nature will.

I say, FDA leave Cheerios alone and go after the really big problems--after all they're first getting around to banning Hydoxycut?  

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