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Healthy Food Review Dei Fratelli Pasta Sauces And Salsa

There's something great about an all natural product that's backed by a fourth-generation family-owned company.  And while you might think well pasta sauce is pasta sauce, and salsa is salsa, not true when it comes to Dei Fratelli pasta sauces and salsa.

First, there's the solid glass mason-type jars that the product comes in, that right away say this is TraditionalPastaSauce26oz something special.  And then the taste--very fresh, very delicious. I tried the Tomato and Basil pasta sauce and Traditional pasta sauce which were wonderful--the extra zest of the Traditional made it a real standout to me.  The Fire Roasted was one for my friend to try as we both thought from the title that it would be very spicy.  However, he found that it wasn't spicy at all and that "fire roasted" just meant how the vegetables in the sauce were cooked, which was a little let down.  The sauce was still good, but it was a labeling misunderstanding--our bad.

The Black Bean 'N Corn Salsa was chunky and just begging to be put on some nice low-fat tortilla chips for a super-healthy snack--so we did, and were really glad for the experience.  And since May is National Salsa month--enough said!

You can't go wrong from a healthy eating standpoint with any of these Dei Fratelli pasta sauces and BlackBeanCornSalsaMedsalsas.  The Black Bean 'N Corn Salsa has no fat and a skinny 15 calories per serving, and when you look at the ingredient label, it's a pleasure to see that they mean it for the pasta sauces and the salsas when they say "all natural" no chemicals, no high fructose corn syrup, no junky oils.  Can you say "wholesome?"

The Tomato and Basil pasta sauce, Traditional pasta sauce and Fire Roasted pasta sauces all have just 1 or 2 grams of fat, none of it saturated, and just 50 - 60 calories per serving.  So feel free to add it generously to your favorite, hopefully whole grain pasta--your waistline won't mind at all!

The only downside I could find about Dei Fratelli pasta sauces and salsa is that I've got to order them directly from the company via the Dei Fratelli web siteor call 1-877-LYCOPENE (I don't normally publish phone numbers, but that's one of the most creative vanity toll-free numbers I've ever seen).  Dei Fratelli is working to expand their distribution, but it's primarily a Midwest, Central and Southeast thing at this time.  Let's hope my local Whole Foods Market in Vegas gets the opportunity to carry it very soon!

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