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When KFC decided to do its free samples of its new KFC Grilled Chicken recently, I decided that it would be worth a try. 

That might sound funny coming from someone who eats meatless most of the time as a flexitarian, but I eat a handful of chicken meals a year.  I usually save it for something like a great chicken parmesan meal treat at a favorite italian restaurant, but I thought if a fast food chain like KFC, known for fattening fried comfort foods was trying to extend an olive branch to healthy eaters by offering Kentucky Grilled Chicken, I wanted to show my support and give them a chance.

I didn't get in on the infamous Oprah free KFC Grilled Chicken meal, as I originally heard about the new Food sign offering from a banner on the loc al store, ironically on the way to the gym.  Instead we were promised a free piece, but that was all I needed to know if I would give Kentucky Grilled Chicken a thumbs up or not.

The trouble started with the KFC cashier who was bamboozled when he tried to charge me for one of the two free pieces of chicken my husband and I ordered.  Apparently, after a bit of a communication challenge, we gathered that both my husband and I each could have a free piece of chicken, but they had to be rung up separately.  Silly me, I thought I'd save the guy the extra effort, but I had only made things worse and backed up the line.

We were only allowed a thigh or wing, not the good breast meat, on the KFC Grilled Chicken freebie.  That was okay, that small taste was enough for me to know I was sorry that I had wasted a chicken treat on the Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

The problem is that the grilled KFC Chicken pieces all have skin on them.  Now when I think grilled chicken, I think no boneless chicken breast or tender with no skin, so I was disappointed to find Kentucky Grilled Chicken did have skin.  Now I may give in to have a tiny bit of chicken on rare occasions, but I never eat the skin.  So I immediately removed the skin.  And when you do that, there goes the seasoning for the most part, although the chicken itself is juicy (although not much of it on a thigh or wing).

You also need to watch the side dishes that you'll inevitably order with your meal.  The mashed potatoes with gravy are not as bad as many out there as it is a small portion (130 calories, 4.5 grams of fat). Cole slaw, which might seem innocent because it's got cabbage in it after all, is not so much so at 180 calories and 10 grams of fat.

So the verdict for me was not so good on KFC Grilled Chicken.  However, I do applaud KFC for thinking outside the fried--something most fast food places are reluctant to do.  And if you are someone who would eat their fried chicken anyway, the Kentucky Grilled Chicken is by far the better healthy eating choice, so it's nice that they have that option.  In the future, I'd like to see tenders or boneless chicken breasts that are grilled too.

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