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Healthy Recipes Cheeseburger Wrap

Since I titled my book on healthy eating Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!  it's no surprise that I like cheeseburgers, but my latest variation on giving a cheeseburger a healthy food makeover was inspired by my recent trip back East to Florida to visit family. 

How The Cheeseburger Wrap Came To BeRecipes

It seems that the second box of Boca Burgers that my accommodating brother-in-law brought for the family barbecue to meet the dietary needs of my husband and I were still lurking in the freezer since late November, just begging to see the light of the kitchen (by the way, if you're not into meatless, read on, we can still make this a healthy option, just use a lean turkey burger). 

Plus, I had just done a supermarket run with my mother-in-law and the deli section was giving out a free package of Flatout bread to anyone who purchased a pound of deli meat or cheese (which she had done for the kids).  Love fresh Flatout bread!

Inspiration struck and a new creation--Aunt Melanie's Cheeseburger Wrap--was born!

My eight and eleven-year-old nieces were so intrigued watching me make it (my four-year-old niece especially had fun eating the strips of cheese before I could get them into the cheeseburger wrap), plus they loved it when they tried it, that I think it'll be a hit not only with you, my loyal adult readers, but also for the kids in your household, or your life.

Note:  I do this as a vegetarian recipe, but a lean turkey burger is also fine if you don't want to go meatless.

The Healthy Recipe: Cheeseburger Wrap


1 Light Whole Wheat Flatout Bread (or the high-fiber, whole grain wrap of your choice)

2 Standard Size Boca Burgers or 1 Large restaurant-size (or the meatless burger of your choice, or a lean turkey burger)

1 slice Fat Free American Cheese (or the favorite fat free cheese of your choice)

Shredded Romaine Lettuce

Organic Ketchup (to taste)

Light soy sauce or worcestershire sauce


Cook Boca Burger as usual (I like to add a little light soy sauce or worcestershire when pan frying with olive oil spray and cook about 4 minutes on low-medium heat per side).  Cut up burger into small pieces.  Cut up thin strips of the cheese leaving on the back of the wrapper until you're ready to use. 

Lay out wrap and make about an inch wide line with pieces of chopped Boca Burger, layer a couple of strips of cheese over the burger, add shredded lettuce and a drizzle of ketchup.  Roll up wrap tightly to cover the mixture and keep repeating until you've filled and rolled it all up.  Any leftover items can fill in any gaps on the ends.  Slice in half and serve. 

It's messy, but really good and should bring smiles all around (and the kids won't realize they're eating vegetarian if you use that type of burger).  Now that's healthy eating with favorite comfort foods!

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