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Fitness Tips How Not To Be Annoying In Gym Class

Where has the time gone?  I've been on a bit of a hiatus with a badly strained muscle but I'm finally back at the gym in kickboxing and Zumba class.  And while I was there this past week, it occurred to me that whether they mean to be or not, sometimes fellow group gym class members can be really annoying.  So as a public service to gym class attendees everywhere, I'm offering some tips on how to peacefully co-exist with your fellow participants:

1.  If You're New To The Class, Stay Out Of The First RowObjection lady

I try to keep an open mind, but it's very distracting to the experienced members of the class to have someone brand new right up there on the front line.  And besides, why put yourself under all that pressure? 

The front row belongs to the most experienced, regular gym class attendees--they've earned that right and they service as leaders for those further back who can't always catch a glimpse of the instructor.

2.  Please Wear Appropriate Workout Clothes

Nothing personal, but like Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry character once said "a man's (or a woman's) got to know their limitations.  I know mine.

If you're fit, feel free to flaunt it; if you've still got work to do, please keep your muffin top to yourself and don't wear workout clothes that are designed for someone who really has six-pack abs.  However, I do encourage you to keep striving for it!

3.  Do Not Ever Take Someone's Spot When They Move To The Sidelines To Get A Drink

I've come close to committing an assault in kickboxing class myself for this offense.  Hello? Did I just turn invisible?  Was I not here in this spot the whole time except for my sip of Powerade Zero?  Taking my spot mid-class is just downright rude!

4.  Do Not Tailgate

Group exercise classes can get crowded, but if your foot is within six inches of mine when I kick in kickboxing, you are too darn close and I cannot be held accountable if you get kicked!

5.  If You Drip, That's What The Towel Is For

Whether it's sweat from working your body hard, or you spilled some water when you rushed to take a sip during the class, if you dripped, wipe up your mess for goodness sake!  I've seen some nasty spills from inconsiderate drippers and it's just not right to take out your fellow classmates that way.

See you in gym class if you dare :)

Got a tip on how not to be annoying in gym class too?  Please comment with one of your own.

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