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Healthy Food Review Funky Monkey Snacks

Funky Monkey snacks caught my eye because the packaging is fun and colorful and the promise of 3 servings of real fruit in each package on the go was very appealing.

But being a freeze-dried fruit snack you have to wonder how it would taste.  I've been there before and found many of these kinds of snacks taste like cardboard which might be good for fiber, but not for your taste buds.

I'm happy to report that Funky Monkey snacks have flavor in spades, so no worries there.  My staff and I tried three out of their four creatively-named flavors--Bananamon (organic banana and organic cinnamon), Jivealime (organic pineapple and organic lime juice) and Carnaval Mix (organic pineapple, organic banana, apple, papaya and raisins).  All were delicious and the Bananamon and Jivealime were the standouts.  Jivealime alone could replace your morning coffee as it has quite a citrus zing to it that will surely shake the cobwebs out of your head!

Funky Monkey snacks have 110 calories per package, are fat-free, and have 2-3 grams of fiber per package.  I also like the fact that there are no added sugars (especially not the high-fructose corn syrup that hides out in so many sweet snacks), no preservatives or artificial food coloring or flavoring.  Three of the four flavors are also certified organic.

So for an easy grab and go healthy real fruit snack, Funky Monkey snacks a nice option.  You can easily keep this fruit in your gym bag without worrying about spoilage.  Plus, instead of other imitation fruit snacks that are often marketed to kids, Funky Monkey snacks would be a much better choice, and kids will love the packaging and fun names.

You should be able to find Funky Monkey snacks at a natural foods store like Whole Foods, or order online.

Have you tried Funky Monkey fruit snacks?  What did you think?

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