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Sure it's great to make your own lasagna, but it's one of the most labor-intensive dinners you can make (even with no cook noodles).  And as a busy writer, I love lasagna, but am so often pressed for time.  If you want a delicious, low-calorie meal for the microwave at work, or want to easily watch your portion sizes, you can count on Amy's Organic Cheese Lasagna.  A quick healthy dinner is a snap when you pair it with a salad using organic pre-cut greens.

I love the fact that the pasta is whole wheat--how many frozen lasagnas have you seen with whole wheat so that you get 4 grams of fiber?  And many of the ingredients are organic.  The lasagna comes out well when you cook it--just be sure not to overdo it as I did one time. 

My only criticism is that with 14 grams of fat (8 grams saturated, 0 trans fat), Amy's Cheese Lasagna is much higher in fat than I would normally like, although better than just about any restaurant's, and the total calories for the package is 380--a small price to pay for a satisfying portion of yummy lasagna.  And overall, I eat a very low-fat diet so I can afford it from time-to-time. 

Still, because of the fat content I can't have Amy's Cheese Lasagna as often as I would like (hey Amy's, how about some low-fat or fat-free cheese).  However, many other low-calorie/low-fat frozen brands contain hydrogenated oil, so they are a lot more fattening and damaging long-term to your health than you might think.

Have you tried Amy's Cheese Lasagna?  What did you think?

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