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Getting Back To Your Exercise Routine After Illness Sets You Back

Last week, despite all my best efforts to stay healthy, I somehow came down with a very bad cold.  My guess is that, ironically, it was probably some germs I was exposed to while working out at the gym.  I had to put my workout routine on hold for a few days which was very frustrating to me since I was in such a great exercise groove.  Fortunately, this was a very minor setback, unlike the time I was stricken with the worst flu of my life after a trip to Mexico.Broccoli with weights

Back then, I wrote a favorite article called Making A Healthy Comeback After Illness that I'd like to direct you to, since we're currently in the heart of Winter, and chances are you, or someone you know, may have recently gotten sick, and are in need of assistance and encouragement to get back on track with workouts.

Please take a moment to check it out, and share it with everyone you know.  And, as always your comments are welcome.  Thanks for reading The Healthy Food Review--Happy New Year!

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