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I know Burger King and eating out healthy in the same title seems to be a typo, but while I'm not big into eating fast food, when you're traveling, sometimes one of the few food choices you can count on is from one of the major fast food chains.  And, as a flexitarian, one of my core fundamental healthy eating beliefs is that you can eat pretty much any food you like, as long as you make it over to its healthiest, and preferably plant-based, form. 

So here's an easy way to keep your healthy eating aspirations intact at Burger King:

The BK Veggie Burger

I have to give Burger King credit, they are the only fast food chain that offers a meatless burger (you can get them easily at many casual dining chains including Denny's, Johnny Rockets and Fat Burger (ironically).  They use the Morningstar Farms Garden Veggie Burger which I personally am not as much of a fan of as I am of a Boca Burger (because soy-based meatless burgers always taste more like the real thing to me than veggie burgers), but it's certainly an option. 

My husband is totally hooked on them.  I even gave him a Burger King gift card for Christmas as a stocking stuffer just for him to buy a BK Veggie Burger when he's traveling on business, or I'm busy giving a teleseminar and am not cooking dinner.

TIP:  Leave off the mayo to bring the fat and calorie content of the BK Veggie Burger way down.  It may be hard to find this menu item when you first look, because it will usually be buried on the menu board, but it's there.  We recently traveled in a pretty remote area on a road trip, and this Burger King in no man's land even had them. 

TIP:  You can pair the BK Veggie Burger with a side salad that unfortunately is 99% iceberg lettuce, unlike McDonald's who actually does a pretty good job with their side salad contents.  Plus, the light dressing choices at Burger King while better than the full fat versions, are much more fattening than the Newman's Own light salad dressing line offered by McDonald's, so you have to drizzle the dressing on at best.  Still, it will make you feel fuller and keep you away from making your side order fries.

Attn Burger King:  Do you have something against whole wheat rolls?  We appreciate the meatless choice provided by BK Veggie Burger, but hate the white flour bun.  And there are more vegetables in life besides iceberg lettuce. Study McDonald's side salad and boost the nutrition in yours for higher sales!

Have you tried a Burger King BK Veggie Burger?  What did you think?

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