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Healthy Food Review Dr. McDougall's Organic 4 Grain With Maple Cereal Cup

I really wanted to like Dr. McDougall's Organic 4 Grain With Maple Cereal Cup.  I enjoy Dr. McDougall's healthy vegetarian "chicken" ramen noodle and vegetarian "chicken" rice pilaf soups cups as my soups of choice, so the cereal, healthy and handy in a convenient cup just like the soup seemed lie a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, Dr. McDougall's Organic 4 Grain With Maple Cereal Cup just didn't have enough flavor--where was that maple  flavor I was promised?  Or sweetness? Or anything?  It was just bland, bland, bland.  Although that may be the point as Dr. John McDougall (who was one of my early inspirations to eat a virtually plant-based diet), goes for a very strict plant-based diet as part of The McDougall Program to reverse illness and also limits salt and sugar too.

I did improve Dr. McDougall's Organic 4 Grain With Maple Cereal Cup by adding a Splenda and some Blue Diamond natural vanilla nuts to the cereal which did help some.  And if you want to try the cereal for its great nutrition (the whole cup is just 260 calories, 3 grams fat, no saturated or trans fat, 6 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein), and convenience, I suggest a similar customization. 

The problem is that there are just too may healthy cereals out there that I enjoy as part of my regular healthy eating style, that it didn't seem worth the extra trouble to me.  You decide for yourself, but that's my two cents.

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Have a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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