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Pet Peeves About Fellow Gym Members - A Public Service Message

Hi All,

Those of you who are readers of The Healthy Food Review (thanks!) or who follow me on Twitter know that I do my best to lead an active life, and I love to go the gym.  Yesterday, it just seemed like one of those days when more than the fair share of my fellow gym members were being annoying (although I am sure most did not realize it).

So I thought it would be fun, and a public service to identify those "Pet Peeves About Fellow Gym Members" here:

1.  Trying to use all your unlimited cell phone plan minutes blabbering away on the gym equipment

It's annoying and rude.  You keep the people around you from being in their fitness zone, and unless you are doing the fitness "talk test" at that moment, you probably aren't focusing on your workout or getting in the zone yourself as much as you should.

2.  Having A LOUD conversation with the person on the machine next to you Annoyed person

Sorry folks, but if I can hear your conversation six treadmills away over the song rocking out on my iPod, you need to turn down the volume!

3.  Leaving a big sweat spot at the top of the weight bench or ab machine 

Big yuck!  It's called a towel--please use it!

4.  Not re-racking weights

This causes two problems.  First, there is nothing more annoying than having only one of two hand weights of a certain pound size, or not finding the weight you want at all.  It's no fun spending half your workout time wondering around the gym looking for just the weight level you need or a hand weight's lost soul mate.

Second, if you leave a really heavy weight plate on a machine like the Hammer Curl ones, the next person may not be able to match your abilities, and they are stuck having to ask someone to remove it for them, or skip that machine.

5.  Don't ask me to work in 5 seconds after I finally get on the machine I have been waiting 20 minutes for.

You saw I just got here after waiting my turn.  It's not like I'm hogging that piece of fitness equipment after 5 seconds.  There's just got to be something else you can do and cut me some slack.

And if you do work in, don't leave the pin at 200 lbs when it's my turn to switch back!

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