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Organic Food Shopping Tips

Hi All,

The opportunity to buy organic food has never been greater as even most supermarkets will at least pay lip service to organic food offerings by having a small section in their stores.  But let's face it, buying organic food is always going to be more expensive.  In these tougher economic times, just how much of what you buy needs to be organic, and what doesn't?

1.  Reserve the biggest part of your organic food budget for organic produce.

You want to be able to avoid the heaviest pesticide-filled crops, as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  Plus, organic produce has been shown to have more nutrition (see my prior post Study Says Eating Organic Food Has More Benefits Than We Originally Thought).  While it would be ideal to buy all produce as organic produce, you can use The Environmental Working Group has a list of the produce with the most pes ticide residues to prioritize which are organic must-haves.  Also consider buying organic produce for those items you eat the most.

Look for organic produce in fresh, canned, jarred and frozen versions, as well as their related products.  Fruits and vegs For example, not just tomatoes, but diced tomatoes in cans, ketchup and spaghetti sauce in jars.  Not just organic potatoes, but organic french fries (avoids trans fat to boot).

2.  Buy organic baked goods and cereals

This is a great way to avoid high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils (trans fat) and a laundry list of chemicals and additives that you cannot possibly pronounce.  Organic products cannot have any of these ingredients.

3.  Buy organic dairy products

I only eat fat free organic dairy products, but always do get organic dairy whenever possible to avoid growth hormones, and antibiotics in traditional dairy offerings.  I think this one is very important for those of you with kids.

4.  Don't waste your budget on far-fetched organic products

Yes, you can buy organic gummy bears, but that's a bit over the top.

5.  Save money with store brand organic food products.

For certain items you'll definitely want the brand name.  I strayed from my Newman's Own Organic Marinara sauce once to try the cheaper store brand and it was horrible.  Nothing but Paul's sauce on my whole wheat pasta after that. 

For other purchases, you can buy the store brand.  I got I think a 5 lb bag of mixed organic garden vegetables from Costco for a song and there's no difference at all between that and the organic brand names.

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