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Hi All,

This Barbara's Bakery Shredded Oats Cereal is one of those healthy, fun, not just for breakfast cereals.  It's firm texture and individual piece size hold up to travel, and the delicious vanilla almond oat taste makes it a great snack cereal--no milk needed.  It's like having oatmeal on the go, just pop a portion into a ziploc bag and off you go!

Don't let the shredded oats name fool you, these are not the mini bird nests you get in a portion of a cereal like Kellogg's Shredded mini wheats.  They are a lot like the Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares cereal but without the chemicals. 

Barbara's Bakery Shredded Oats have 220 calories for a one cup serving, 7 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and zero trans fat or cholesterol and 3 grams of fat (.5 saturated fat).  And because of the nice protein and fiber level mix, it's a meal or snack that definitely stays with you.

Barbara's Bakery is well known for its Puffins cereals, which my husband used to like, but he actually switched to the shredded oats with me recently because he liked them even better.

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