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The Bacon Makeover - No Such Thing As Food Sinning

Hi All,

I recently came across an interesting blog post where the person admitted that she has "sinned" because she broke down and had a bunch of bacon panned fried in margarine.  We'll address how we can give the bacon a healthy food makeover in a moment, but I was more concerned about the comment about food sinning.

It's this whole concept of "I ate this so I am being bad today", or I ate next to nothing so I being good today" that worries me.  Eating food is not about being bad or good, and one's self worth should not be tied, however innocently to what they are eating. That's the stuff emotional eating is made of which leads to lots of weight problems and health problems.

There's no such thing as food sinning in my opinion since we are all only human.  Any healthy lifestyle has to include the ability to eat your favorite foods or you won't stick with it. I truly believe that the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to makeover all your favorite foods to their healthiest possible versions so you never have to sacrifice anything!

Now back to that bacon makeover.  That margarine frying is a big no-no.  You must use a Canola spray or Olive Oil spray to just lightly coat the pan to keep it from sticking.  So much less fat and calories.

The bacon makeover is then complete by substituting lean turkey bacon, or meatless, soy protein based bacon like Morningstar Farms Breakfast strips.

I love bacon too as one of life's great comfort foods, and there's no way I was going to give it up.  I just had to learn to make bacon healthier.  So can you!

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