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Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Loss What Did You Do?

Hi All,

Darn peer pressure, it even works on celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Back in January when I first started The Healthy Food Review blog, I wrote a popular post called It's A Sad Day When Celebrities Have To Explain Their Weight Gain To The Media in support of Jennifer Love Hewitt's "fuller figure" admist a media storm of, as unbelievable as it sounds, fat jokes, about Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Now, a new media event as Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off an 18 pound weight loss. That's a ridiculous amount of weight for Jennifer Love Hewitt to lose.  The photos of her online and on the People magazine cover I saw in line at the supermarket show a stick figure. I salute her accomplishment if that's what she wanted, but she was fine the way she was. I also think it sets a dangerous precedent, and sends a dangerous message to women and young women everywhere. 

It's about being healthy, being fit and having a positive self-image. Oh and by the way, it's okay to be average size for goodness sakes! It's not about being a size zero so you can be a human mannequin. I am sure though Jennifer Love Hewitt's publicist is thrilled to be able to have a solid opportunity to work the media machine.

What do you think about Jennifer Love Hewitt's new weight loss? Or about celebrities getting way too skinny overall? Post a comment and let me hear your thoughts.

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