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Hi All,

I've always thought about having a mostly meatless, flexitarian style of eating from a health perspective, but a health news story tonight on Yahoo made me think of healthy eating a whole new way. 

Apparently, giving up, or at least substantially reducing your meat intake, is eco-friendly since according to a study from Germany, meat eaters' diets are responsible for nearly twice the emissions of those who eat vegetarian diets.  Don't you just love how when the media hops on a trend, it finds a way to use it in every news story possible?

Seriously though, a vegan can save the planet even further because by giving up meat and dairy, emissions are reduced by seven times, and if you were really virtuous, and were an organic-only vegan, you'd slash emissions by a factor of 17 times.

Now I am not suggesting that you go ultra-restrictive on your diet to save the planet, because as you know, I believe in healthy eating without giving up any of your favorite comfort foods.  It's important to go green for the environment, but even more important is adopting healthy eating habits to save yourself and be there for all the ones you love, and then you'll be on hand to make the world a better place.

Here's the original Yahoo story:

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