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Hi All,

I recently had fun coaching my mother-in-law who is a Senior on how to use a treadmill and start working out regularly.  She recently lost about 20 pounds on the Weight Watchers program and is now open to fitness concepts, and ready to start adding exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and leave behind her sedentary ways.  She also likes the idea that she'll have a little more flexibility in her diet, and perhaps not hit a weight loss plateau by making fitness more of a part of her life

Besides being very proud of her, I am really pleased to see that she wants to add more activity.  So many people believe that getting older means that inevitably being less active comes with the territory, and in reality, it's the other way around.  Move it or lose it, is definitely true.  You don't lose the ability to work out because you're getting older, you're losing the ability to work out because you don't work out!

In my kick boxing class, there are two Seniors who are usually a bit off tempo because they move slower, but so what?  They're working out.  I applaud them for going to a packed class full of people of all ages with music they probably don't care for blasting, to get their work out in.

The other day at the gym, next to me on a treadmill was an older gentleman who was probably at a 2 miles per hour maximum pace, but the important thing was, he was getting in a work out on his own terms.  My mother-in-law is at about the same speed right now, but she is a willing participant, and that's the main thing. 

On the other hand, don't think that being a Senior necessarily means slowing down, or doing less for exercise.  When I lived in Colorado, I regularly saw a trim woman work out with her personal trainer that I guessed was maybe in her late 50's.  She religiously worked out with the personal trainer, and quite frankly, she could do better at ab exercises than I could.  Boy was I shocked when one day I overheard her telling her personal trainer that the next day was her birthday, and she was going to be 72!  I hope I can be just like her when I hit that age.

If you are a Senior, have Senior friends or family members, or just see a Senior trying hard to get some exercise in, absolutely encourage this behavior.  And if you're not a Senior, you need to get active now so that your golden years are spent like that 72 year old woman I mentioned above--doing what you want to do with no limitations.  Every little bit helps, and it's never too late to start (just get a doctor's approval first).

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