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Hi All,

I adore swiss cheese.  Maybe it's because the holes make it a little different from most other cheese types, and I've always been one to march to the beat of a different drummer as they say.  Or maybe it's because I fondly remember being in charge of making my Dad's lunch when he worked the midnight shift at the post office years ago, and his favorite sandwich was a swiss cheese sandwich.  Isn't it amazing the emotional connection we make with food?

As a flexitarian (someone who goes meatless most of the time), I am always conscious of getting enough healthy protein into my diet.  And since my husband swears I am part "mouse" due to my love of all cheeses, I needed to find ways to give the cheese in my diet a healthy food makeover.

Jarlsberg Lite Swiss Cheese does a primo job of allowing me to have my swiss cheese with half the fat (2.5 grams) and 30% fewer calories (50 calories per slice) than its regular Jarlsberg swiss cheese.  It also compares quite favorably in nutrition to Sargento reduced fat cheese which is a respectable, yet distant runner-up with 60 calories, but quite a bit more fat--4 grams per slice.  Plus, Jarlsberg Lite swiss cheese has a nice light, delicious taste that I prefer; Sargento is a bit potent.

Some people also like Alpine Lace reduced fat swiss cheese, but it's actually more fattening than either Jarlsberg Lite swiss cheese, or Sargento reduced fat swiss cheese, at basically regular swiss cheese nutritional stats (70 calories and 4.5 grams of fat per slice).  I also think it tastes a bit plastic-y.  So why go for more calories, fat and less taste in your lite swiss cheese?

You should be able to find Jarlsberg Lite swiss cheese at major supermarkets either at their deli counter or pre-packaged.  In Las Vegas, I am fortunate that a new breed of grocery store called Fresh And Easy carries Jarlsberg Lite pre-packaged just for them, and it's the cheapest price for a half pound you'll find.  The only exception is Costco--but there, in true Costco fashion, you must buy 2 pounds at a time!

TIP:  Jarlsberg Lite swiss cheese is great as a cheese sandwich on it's own, or as a burger (make mine a Boca Burger) or sandwich topping.    

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