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Fourth Of July Healthy Food Makeovers

Hi All,

When it comes to healthy eating this Fourth Of July, I know a lot of people out there must be thinking--healthy eating on the Fourth of July?  Why don't you chill a little?

I can't chill because in Las Vegas it's 110 degrees just about every day now.  On the news, they just list the weather as "hell" everyday, no numeric temperatures needed :)  And the genius stores are clearing out summer clothes!  Anyway...

I like to celebrate the Fourth Of July with favorite comfort foods just like anyone else, but since these comfort foods are so easily made over to their healthiest forms--no need to over indulge.  I'll save that for a meal that is truly a treat like for my birthday.

Just like Memorial Day weekend, Fourth Of July food means hot dogs and hamburgers.  If you missed my Memorial Day Healthy Food Makeovers, here's the "replay" CLICK HERE and use these healthy eating tips to makeover your Fourth of July favorite foods.

Last night I found a post on another Fourth of July food tradition.  Apparently in the New England area, traditional Fourth of July fare is salmon with peas and new potatoes.  If I was a New Englander, I would do the following with my Fourth of July salmon (which I hated as a child and love now):

HEALTHY EATING TIPS:  I especially like salmon grilled with Paul Prudhomme's Seafood Magic spices on my George Foreman grill. Plus, a great healthy summer dish is to take that salmon and use it with a light caesar salad packaged kit for salmon caesar salad like you might have in a restaurant, but made over to a healthier form.

This post tells the story of Fourth of July and Salmon, as well as the latest with what's going on with farmed vs. wild salmon, possible pesticides, etc.  And yes, I wrote a comment on this post you might like to see:

Have A Happy And Healthy Fourth Of July!

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