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Dirty, Germy Lemons Exposed At Restaurants

Hi All,

Frankly I thought my husband was turning into Niles Crane from Frasier when he recently announced that he was no longer allowing lemon slices in his standard "water with lemon order" when eating out, and he was going to carry a hand sanitizer to use before touching the menu.  He was reading one of his health magazines inflight again.  Okay my husband has always been Felix to my Oscar, but what's up?

Apparently Niles and Felix are right.  Watch those lemon slices when eating out, apparently they do more than flavor your drink at many establishments.  We're talking bacteria and ecoli.  Yuck!

Check out this ABC News video--dirty, germy lemons exposed!

Coming on top of the Salmonella Tomato scare, it makes it tough to maintain being a healthy eater sometimes, but you are still better off eating lots of fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet--you just have to be vigilant about what you are eating as best as you can.

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