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Airborne Settlement How To File Your Claim

Hi All,

What a sad world we live in.  After being one of those who took Airborne for years and believed very strongly in its merits, we find out today that it is actually at best, "an expensive delivery system for vitamin C" according to the Center For Science In The Public Interest who was part of the Airborne Class Action lawsuit.  Apparently you can't even trust the image of a "second grade teacher" as the company was always quick to credit with the invention of Airborne.

Airborne has agreed to a settlement for the class action lawsuit, but you won't find any trace of info on it on the Airborne corporate web site, you have to go to:

There you can file your airborne settlement claim online for up to 6 packages at $6.99 each without proof of purchase, or if you were lucky enough to be a pack rate and saved all your receipts or other proofs of purchase (which you can upload the scans for or file via mail), you can supposedly file an airborne settlement claim for every single purchase you made from May 1, 2001 to November 29, 2007.

I always took Airborne before every single flight I took and when I worked as a sales trainer for a large company's telephone floor where people always came to work sick, I took it and never once got sick.  Placebo effect perhaps? 

Anyway, whether you believe Airborne works or doesn't, no harm in getting back some cash for about 5 minutes of trouble by filing a claim for at least the 6 packages Airborne will concede to without proof of purchase online.

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