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Hi All,

I recently decided to add more protein to my diet to help build more lean muscle mass in my weight lifting.  But as someone who follows a healthy "NMP" lifestyle--the one I write about in my book Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!--I have to be more creative in finding ways to up the protein in my diet.  By the way, to learn more about "NMP" check out the Healthy Eating FAQs on my site at

Anyway, I figured it might be time to go back to my childhood and try peanut butter again.  For me, I ideally wanted it to be organic because peanuts are a high pesticide crop, and/or can be genetically modified (GMO).  I also wanted a version with no trans fats (hydrogenated oils) of any kind.  Plus, I didn't want it to be one of those ooey-gooey health food peanut butters that looks like a science experiment gone awry when you open the jar, because the oil separates, and you have to sir it up each time.

Whole Foods Market to the rescue!  Their store brand (365) had peanut butter that met all of these requirements--organic, no trans fat and no stir. It's available in creamy or crunchy (the latter is my preference)--

Spread it on whole grain bread, a whole grain bagel half, a whole grain waffle, or apple slices, banana or celery.  Whatever your preference, this peanut butter is tasty, has great consistency and does it as healthfully as possible.

Another good peanut butter for those of you who don't care about your peanut butter being organic (like my husband--yes we have two jars of peanut butter in our household, also because he likes creamy and I like crunchy), and don't shop natural food stores like Whole Foods Market, good old Skippy Natural, available in creamy or crunchy varieties as well is another good trans fat free, no stir choice-- (note that natural does not equal organic)!

TIP:  Yes peanut butter is a protein powerhouse, and a source of "good" fats, but it is high in calories, so portion control is a must.  If you have trouble knowing what a serving of peanut butter really is like I do, just take out a tablespoon and measure out the two tablespoon serving size for the nutritional information on the label, and put it on your desired food destination so you can visualize it.  Do this until you can easily eyeball the right portion, so you get all the benefits but in the right amount.

--Melanie R. Jordan, Author of Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!  Available 24/7 at

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