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Hi All,

Recently I realized I was having trouble burning enough calories in a day, and I couldn't figure out why.  I was still working out--walking and weight lifting--about the same as before, yet my daily total was under where it should be. 

Suddenly, I noticed from tracking my pedometer that my total number of steps per day was down substantially despite maintaining, and even lengthening, the distance and duration of some of those walking workouts.  So what was up if my number of steps wasn't?

I thought about anything that might have changed over the last couple of months in my daily routine, and then it hit me.  Some on-site consulting work I was doing as a sales trainer for a company had ended (which I was actually glad about, as it gave me a more flexible schedule and time to do more of my projects), and I was back in my home office on a daily basis.

The company had this gigantic sales floor that I used to have to walk around from one end to the other all the time, as I would be monitoring the calls of the sales reps, and stopping to coach them as I caught them doing something that was off.  I would be on one end of the sales floor, and hear someone sitting on the opposite end make a big error, and pretty much have to race across the sales floor to stop them before they did it again (as they usually didn't notice the instant, on-screen messages I was frantically sending them and I had to appear in person to make my point).

All that patrolling of that sizable distance, not to mention that the company had two levels to go up and down, was now missing from my weekday routine.  I still was covering distance, but my 700 square foot secondary place in Colorado couldn't possibly compare.

Once I had figured this out, I was able to make the adjustment by:

--making a real effort to pace around my place whenever I could during phone conversations, thinking about ideas, making dinner, etc.

--going the long way to my desired destination whenever possible--whether another room in my place, or in the building, or anywhere I went on foot.

--going up and down the four flights of stairs in the complex multiple times a day

--bundling up and running every possible errand locally on foot in-between workouts.

--when that wasn't possible, driving to a destination, and then running all errands I could in that general area on foot.

Before long, by making a conscious effort to figure out why I wasn't burning enough calories, I had found a way to make up for the lost "mileage" around the sales floor, and picked up the pace!  So if you're not burning enough calories each day, stop, analyze and go out of your way to pick up the pace in your everyday life--it's so worth it!

--Melanie R. Jordan, Author of Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!  Available 24/7 at

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